Methodyn Oskar

A program to acquire, process and plot data from the Tektronix 7854 oscilloscope.


- Automatic detection of GPIB adapters and instruments during program start
- Several GPIB adapters can be used simultaneously
- Several instruments can be used simultaneously
- Acquire, download and display waveforms with all params
- Supports all 7854 aquisition modes (AQS, AQR, AVG)
- Multiple waveform handling
- Displaying waveforms in vector or dot mode
- Displaying scope aquisition area or scope display area
- Readout display
- Store / load waveforms
- Print waveforms (landscape/portrait)
- Adding comments to waveforms
- Comparing of waveform paramters
- Sending text to the 7854
- On-Screen keyboard for the 7854 main unit
- On-Screen keyboard for the 7854 Waveform Calculator
- On-Screen keyboard for the programmable plugins 7A16P, 7A29P and 7B90P (GPIB Decoder plugin 021-0374-00 needed).
- Uploading calibration helper programs (see sections G+H of servcie manual)

System requirements:

- Windows XP/SP1, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
- National Instruments GPIB Adapter or HP/Agilent/Kesight GPIB adapter (mixed environment possible)
- Installed GPIB driver (2014 or newer needed)


- Physical Windows PC required - no virtual machines supported
- Genuine GPIB adapters required - no clones supported

Actual state:


Future plans:

- Translation
- Reload waveforms back into the 7854
- Adding FFT functionality to the 7854 (via program)


My test environment:

Fun with the 7854 part I: Surprise after connecting the 7854 to the internet

Fun withn the 7854 part II: Measuring AC ripple in the DC universe


Download demo version of Methodyn Oskar here